Course Irrigation System Renovation Project
Project Overview
Dear members, we want to share some very exciting news. We are about to start the long-awaited renovation of the club’s irrigation system on the golf course. This project will be underway in mid-May, delivering new technology into golf course management. This will improve water usage in line with ongoing government regulations. Meanwhile we are focusing long term, to improve the overall look & beauty of the course and to enhance the character all around the property. We are confident that it will benefit the health and beauty of the course and therefore enhancing playing experience and enjoyment for all members and guests. 

Why Should We Renovate Our Irrigation System
The irrigation system is the heart of a golf course — and with a healthy heart, the course will flourish. Our current irrigation system dates back to 1995, and with an irrigation system that is more than 24 years old, watering capabilities are limited.

Our current system has poor uniformity and is unable to fully irrigate the tees, fairways, roughs & greens effectively to maintain the highest of standards. Poor coverage, uniformity issues and the lack of individual sprinkler head control makes irrigation challenging and inefficient. To address these issues, upgrades to the current infrastructure have thoughtfully been considered, with input from consultants, management, and leading irrigation partners, the club decided to install a new irrigation system as part of our comprehensive master plan. The new system includes more than just new sprinkler heads, it also includes new pumps, mainlines, lateral lines and swing joints will also be installed. In addition, the new system will also decrease the amount of time needed to water the golf course.

Landscape Renovation Concept

The existing mature landscape on the golfcourse is one of the most significant physical attributes at our Club. Although a review has been made by Geyer Coburn Hutchins LLC (a leading landscaping design company) of the existing landscape during multiple visits to the site along with detailed discussions with the Golf Architect, Irrigation Designer, and our Maintenance Team. It is the Management’s desire for the course to attain the highest level of golf experience in China in keeping with international standards. Towards this end, the basic design master plan for this project has taken three basic principles into account:

✫PLAYABILITY: All landscape improvements must ensure that the playability of the course is not affected.

✫AESTHETICS: Improving the landscape should be done in a way that is unique, fresh and appealing to the eye.

✫MAINTENANCE: Landscape improvements will have a positive impact on our maintenance practices.

Project Impact

The main construction will be limited to one hole at a time, however certain preparation work will start a few holes ahead, starting with A course Hole A2. The Course will remain open with 35 holes available to play throughout the season. We will try our best to have 36 holes available during the weekends and holidays! 

During construction we will try to keep members updated as to what is happening on a regular basis. Our maintenance team will do everything possible to keep the course in excellent playing condition, please keep in mind that there may be inconveniences caused during play, and therefore we hope every member can support us in any way possible. Thank you for your understanding, and your patience during this time is extremely important and greatly appreciated.

Xili Golf and Country Club Management