The Fullness of the Moon Brings time for the family

Dear Members,

I sincerely wish all members will have a lovely mid-autumn’s eve. It is when the moon is at its fullest that we yearn most for a reunion. Be they separated by tens of thousands of kilometers, our families always remain dear to us in our hearts. So, on this occasion I would like to send my thoughts to the members of Xili located all around the world, and express how much we look forward to seeing you again. 

In July, the club carried out a survey in collaboration with Shenzhen Bird Watching Association on the bird species currently inhabiting the grounds. It was discovered that a total of 29 species of birds have made Xili their home. This exceeded the record set in 2015, of 23 species. The total number of birds during the observation period has increased from 444 in 2015 to 729. Four species of birds went missing, but 10 new species arrived to make their home around the club.

We have a responsibility to look after the bio-diversity of the course, to protect the surrounding habitat and its flora and fauna. We will continue to do our best in maintaining the ecosystems for the birds and other animal species, If you happen to encounter them on the course, please go ahead and photograph them as a souvenir!

During August, our golf course maintenance team began their annual summer course maintenance project. It took four weeks for the hollow tinning and top dressing of all the greens to be successfully completed, and the course is currently in the process of recovery. In the following months, the turf replacement of the tee areas will continue. The landscape upgrade project that is currently underway is experiencing smooth progress, with a diverse array of new plants and various colorful flowers already blossoming through the course.

In the early days of September, the club’s annual Trustees’ Cup tournament was successfully held. The competition took place amidst laughter and joy, as the players successfully completed their rounds. In the evening, under the terrace lights, Lychee Court was filled with delight and splendid wine. Congratulation to Mr. Luo who had a hole-in-one and this further increased the joy of the evening, as we sincerely congratulated all players who had been victorious. As the autumn equinox begins to recede, the winning club members left a sense of warmth within the hearts of all players in the competition.

Under the organization of the training department, the last two months have seen two training events successfully conducted internally by our staff members. The first was a theory and technique development course for our massage technicians. The five-day course covered the meridians of the entire body, refining understanding of circulation and massage techniques and advancing their skills, making our technicians even more capable of providing excellent service to our members and guests.

The second training session was the “Garbage Classification” Sports Competition, which drew to a close successfully. All the staff members undertook serious study of environmental protection, and put their knowledge into practice during the competition. I hope our staff will continue to keep environmental protection in mind during their work and lifestyle.

Let’s gather together to celebrate this Mid-autumn festival here at Xili with our close friends! Our F&B team has come up with an abundant Mid-autumn buffet especially for this occasion, and I hope that the entire Mid-autumn holidays will bring a warm reunion experience to you and your families.

I wish everyone a pleasant reunion on this day when the moon is at its fullest, and let’s rejoice in this festive season!

Mark O’Connell
General Manager